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Aesthetic Dentistry


Smile Design: 

It is the process of aestheticizing the lip, tooth and jaw positions according to the person's mouth and jaw structure during posture and smile. It is necessary to apply different disciplines according to the needs of the person.

With the developments in digital dentistry, the desired smile can be achieved with the computer.

Our patients can be informed about the result of the treatment by designing in the environment.

• Orthodontic treatment or bonding for teeth with    Diestema (Split)

•    Periodontal treatment for gum recession or diseases  (Pink aesthetic)

•    Whitening process to achieve the desired whiteness of the tooth color

•    Porcelain, laminated  ve zirconium dental veneer applications

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Porcelain Laminated

It is a restorative treatment used to change the color, form and position of anterior teeth. Thanks to laminates that imitate natural teeth, the desired smile can be achieved in a very short time.

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Porcelain or Zirconium Dentures (Dental veneers)


It is the process of reducing and covering the teeth that have excessive material loss due to caries or trauma or for any other reason, and teeth that have undergone root canal treatment. It is a dental restoration that covers all sides of the tooth by fully adapting to the underlying tooth. Porcelain and zirconium are ideal materials for capturing the light transmittance of natural teeth and for performing more aesthetic works.

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