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Orthodontic Treatment


Orthodontic Treatment (Wire Treatment):


Orthodontic treatments are not only for aesthetics by correcting the crowding in the teeth and incompatibility between the jaws, but also prevent possible gum diseases and joint disorders between the jaws and help treat chewing function and impaired speech. It also provides psychological support by increasing the patient's self-confidence in society.

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Digital Orthodontics-Wireless Orthodontic Treatments

 (Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plaque) :

It is a treatment method that can correct the crookedness of the teeth in a more aesthetic and comfortable way with transparent plaques without using brackets and wires. Especially today, where aesthetics is very important, it allows adult patients to correct their teeth without difficulty in social life. Thanks to its transparent appearance in the mouth, even in front of the stage, it allows treatment to be done without being seen. It does not affect the daily life and comfort of the patients. At the same time, the difficulty of dental care in traditional braces treatment has disappeared in treatments with clear plaque.

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