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Digital dentistry methods are methods developed to reduce human error, increase production sensitivity and shorten treatment times. From a simple filling to complicated implant treatments, from aesthetic planning to smile design, from orthodontics to porcelain veneers, many applications can now be performed using digital technologies and devices.

Digital Measurement and Restoration Design:


Taking measurements and scanning from the patient's mouth with computer support; In this direction, it is the technology of producing teeth with patient-specific restorations. Unlike the classical measurement methods, the processes are transferred directly and quickly to the  digital environment, thus providing precise impressions. Problems such as nausea reflex and retching encountered in classical measurement methods have disappeared. Patient comfort is at the forefront. Thanks to the detailed image,  restoration has a very high compatibility with the tooth.  This is the most up-to-date treatment method that minimizes the margin of error. Restorations that are prepared very quickly provide convenience to the patient and physician by shortening the number and duration of sessions. It means the 3D design of the treatment to be made and the restoration, appliance or similar products to be used in this treatment in a digital environment on the computer and the production of these designed products in computer-controlled production devices without human touch.

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